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A formal consultation process with regards to changes to admissions policy at Lincoln UTC is commencing as of today (Friday 13th December 2019), and will conclude at midnight on Friday 24th January 2020. In line with DfE requirements we are consulting with key stakeholders.

Lincoln UTC is proposing to manage school applications directly from September 2021 onwards, rather than the current process where Lincolnshire County Council coordinate applications on our behalf. We would welcome your views on the proposed change.

We accept that the current process works well for traditional schools with an intake in year 7, directly from Primary feeder schools, where applications are made relatively early in the school year. This time frame works less well for Lincoln UTC as, due to our innovative and less traditional year 10 intake, we regularly receive expressions of interest throughout the school year, with a majority of applications coming much later than Lincolnshire County Council’s application deadline. We believe this proposal will allow Lincoln UTC to provide a better and more responsive service to applicants.

Lincoln UTC will remain a non-selective school, therefore all applications will otherwise be dealt with in the same manner as previously, subject to the usual oversubscription criteria. Lincoln UTC is not proposing any change to our published admissions number which will remain at 160 in all year groups.

This proposal is being sent directly to the following stakeholders:

  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • All parents / carers of current students at Lincoln UTC (sent via InTouch)
  • School governing body
  • Headteachers / Principals of all schools within our catchment area
  • Nottinghamshire County Council, as they have schools within our catchment area
  • All local authorities bordering on Lincolnshire

Recipients are welcomed to respond by emailing comments relating to the proposed admissions arrangements above to

The purpose of the consultation will be to receive feedback on the proposal, and the responses to then be collated and presented to the governing Body for full consideration. The outcome of the consultation will then be communicated to all parents and posted on our website.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sophie Steward
Head of Key Stage 4