Coronavirus Update 11/03

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Like all schools, we are receiving daily updates with advice from the Department for Education. At the moment the advice for schools is to carry on as normal. We are encouraging students to be more fastidious than normal with hygiene (catch it, kill it, bin it) and have high alcohol hand sanitiser in all rooms. We have altered the cleaning schedule so that all contact surfaces (door handles, push plates and handrails) are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day. 

With the Easter break approaching, I know that lots of parents and carers will be thinking very carefully about the advisability of foreign travel. Students who do travel to any of the high-risk countries will be asked to self-isolate on their return, in line with the most recent government advice. 

Currently, there are no suspected cases at Lincoln UTC. 

The precautionary measures, designed to limit the spread of the disease, are having a significant impact on many of our plans. Sadly, our planned trip to Hong Kong has had to be postponed. Our trip to Livorno, in Italy, is also on hold. The students who had successfully made it to the national finals for the First Tech Robotics Challenge are going to compete in a virtual competition rather than go to the Olympic arena in London. Most recently, we have just been informed that the Royal Navy have taken the decision to postpone their Engineering Challenge until later in the year. 

It is obviously very disappointing for all the students whose plans have been affected. We share in their disappointment, but we understand the reasons why event organisers have postponed or cancelled these large gatherings. We will try to re-schedule some of these events later in the year if the situation and the expert advice allows us to. 

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and to follow all expert medical advice. Should there be any change either in the situation or in the advice that is given to schools we will let you know. 

I hope that students aren’t unduly worried. The risk to them is low. Hopefully this will not have any impact on the students who have examinations in the summer term. Our advice to all students in the examination year groups is not to worry but to just keep on doing what they are doing in terms of attendance and exam preparation.

John Morrison