Schools in England to Close

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I am sure that most of you will already have heard the Government’s announcement that all schools in England are to close from this Friday.

Lincoln UTC will be open as normal, for all year groups on Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March. We will be closed from Monday, until further notice.

The government are obviously concerned that childcare difficulties (due to school closures) might have an impact on the ability of key workers, particularly in the NHS, to attend work and support those cases who need hospital care. Our position, at Lincoln UTC, is somewhat unusual as we do not have any students of primary school age or students in the younger secondary year groups (years 7 to 9).

Schools are being allowed to remain open for students whose parents or carers work in one of these key professions. We are also allowed to remain open for students who have an education health care plan (EHCP) or who might be particularly vulnerable for other reasons.

If you believe that you (or your child) fall into one of these categories and you want or need your child to continue to attend during this period of school closure please email to let us know. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss a bespoke, individual plan for you and your child.

More details on how we will support students during this period of closure will be sent out tomorrow. Staff here at the UTC will still be working during this period and we will continue to do everything possible to support you and your children.

John Morrison